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Quotes from – The orgin of the work of Art  –

Just as work cannot be without being created but is essentially in need of creators, so what is created cannot itself come into being without those who preserve it.


Preserving the work means: standing within the openness of beings that happens in the work. This “ standing-within” of preservation, however, is a knowing.  Yet knowing does not consist in mere information and notions about something.  He who truly knows what is, knows what he wills to do in the midst of what is.


Willing is the sober resolution of that existential self-transcendence which exposes itself to the openness of beings as it is set into the work. In this way, stating within is brought under law.  Preserving the work, as knowing, is a sober standing within the extraordinary awesomeness of the truth that is happening in the work.

This knowledge, which as a willing makes its home in the work’s truth and only thus remains a knowing, does not deprive the work of its independence, does not drag it into the sphere of mere experience and does not degrade it to the role of a stimulator of experience.  Preserving the work does not reduce people to their private experiences, but brings theme into affiliation with the truth happening in the work. Thus it grounds being for and with one another as the historical standing out of human existence in reference to unconcealedness. 

Martin Heidegger – Poetry – Language – Thought