The mystery

Il y a beaucoup de gens qui s’imaginent que ce qu’ils apprennent, ils le comprennent aussi. Celui qui reproche à l’auteur son obscurité devrait commencer par examiner s’il fait bien clair en lui-même; ...


reflections – conversations – thoughts – antecedent – reminiscence  – differences – joining – harmony – family – friends – continuation ̵...

…. Poetically dwells man upon this earth.


All revealing belongs within a harbouring, and a concealing.  But that which frees – the mystery – is concealed and always concealing itself.

Freedom is that which conceals in a way that opens to light, in whose clearing there shimmers that veil that covers what comes to presence of all truth and lets the veil appear as what veils.  Freedom is the realm of the destining that at any given time starts a revealing upon its way.

For it is granting that first conveys to man that share in revealing which the coming-to-pass of revealing needs.  As the one so needed and used, man is given to belong to the coming-to-pass of truth.

Only what is granted endures.  That which endures primarily out of the earliest beginning is what grants. 

The poetical thoroughly pervades every art, every revealing of coming to presence into the beautiful.

Martin Heidegger
translation by William Lovitt